A new direction in modern day apparel, giving everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, a platform to break down the stereotypes that have confined and defined so many for so long. Don't let gender define your style. Find your threads.


To produce and provide the latest trends of highest quality, ethical materials in non-gender specific clothing, through both the Androswag label and partnerships with other androgynous lines.


To make swag clothes for girls who like boys clothing but can't find their fit. To change societal views on gender divisions. To unleash and showcase the tomboy, the androgynous, the LGBTQI's, and anyone living on the fringes, here, there or somewhere delightfully in-between. We strive to source the best, most badass threads for tomboys in particular - Because we like the 'men's' section, so why don't the 'men's' labels fit? And why are clothes still gendered at all?