What’s the one thing we all dread about Christmas?  The family gathering.  For the outcasts among us this is especially difficult.

It is very much in the Spirit of Christmas to set aside our differences, to forgive the trespasses of others, and come together in positivity to address the challenges that face us all. Every year we hear this, and it is particularly true of the year 2016 as a whole – how many posts on social media did you see calling to “stay together in unity” after the US presidential elections?

And it always makes me ask why.  Should we really suffer the opinions of our racist, sexist, homophobic family members and friends? Does it really do the world good to let these ideas go unchallenged? In the name of politeness we stay silent. Why rock the boat?

Maybe I’m just a trouble maker who can’t keep my mouth shut, and maybe I’m a dried up cynic with too much of the grinch in me. Or I might even be an untrustworthy queer, with evil intentions and idle hands.

But maybe I’m right.

Have fun this Christmas: sow some seeds of rebellion.