We want you to get to know what Androswag is about; of course it’s about the Swag!

However, you’ve already got to know the team behind the screen, now it’s time for us to formally introduce the face of Androswag and longest standing model JADE BICHENO.


What’s it like being a model for Androswag, releasing your inner tomboy and being a miss universe contestant? They seem like polar opposites; is this the case?

They’re definitely polar opposites, I agree with you!
However I’ve never fit into a single pigeon hole, there are a bunch of different sides to me, and I like to bring that out in the work that I do. At the end of the day, they’re both modelling, and I love when I can personally connect to the brand I’m working with – like Androswag!

How did you get involved with Androswag and why?
I met Cass from Androswag a little over a year ago through mutual friends and she approached me shortly after starting up Androswag. She asked me to model the first release for her which was a huge compliment given I had no prior experience. Working with Androswag was what actually inspired me to explore the modelling world!

What makes you, you?

Imagine putting some Japanese food, a few thriller movies, a bunch of Pilates classes and a years supply of makeup products into a blender and mixing it up. That strange cocktail would be me.

Tell us a story, you must include: A pig, the tooth fairy and yourself.

I’m drawing blanks here so I made a poem instead:
There was a girl named Jade. She wasn’t very big.
And when she was a little girl, she had a little pig.
One day the pigs tooth fell out, it was pretty scary.
So it went under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy.
(That was terrible…)

If you could change where your place of growing up, where would it be and why?

I would choose somewhere beachside in Italy – maybe Positano. I have a huge crush on that country and their culture.

You’re going for brunch and a park stroll, what’s your swag?

Considering we’re in Melbourne and its likely going to be COLD, I’m going to pair my ripped skinny white jeans with an oversized black stussy top, my white vans, and possibly a beanie if I’m having a bad hair day.

Disney or Marvel?

Self-confessed Disney fan.

What’s your creative definition of Androswag?

I don’t see Androswag as just a label on a t-shirt. Androswag is a movement. It represents diversity, unity, and it represents what we – in the LGBT community – are capable of communicating to the wider community.

What would you name your pet python?

I have a snake phobia so this is entirely unlikely haha!

Would you rather be papped in PJs or as your falling to the ground from tripping?

I have no hesitation being seen in pyjamas – I am all about comfort. In fact my fashion choices are probably TOO far on the comfort side of the spectrum.

Chocolate or Cheese? And which type?

Cheese hands down! I think I was Italian in a past life – I could live off mozzarella.

If you were to start your own fashion brand, what would you want it to represent, and what would it be called?

I’d love to start a brand that caters to girls who like to rock street wear but also occasionally switch to a feminine wardrobe from time to time. One for those girls in between.

After this interview ends, where are you going, and what are you doing?

I have a lot in the pipeline right now! I recently quit my ‘safe’ full-time job to pursue modelling and singing more intensely. I have a few modelling jobs over the next few months, and then the second heat for Miss Universe Australia is set for mid-April. Amidst all of that I’m also a makeup artist, am in the early stages of writing an LGBT romance novel, and next week I’ll be in an LGBT Medibank commercial for the Sydney Mardi Gras – so stay tuned for that one!

Jade (pictured, right) wears the Androswag Combat Tank here.