So we went out to look for our next Swag of the Week, and what we got was a quick chat with the amazing Mollie V from the States about her coming out story struggles and triumphs.  Total win.


Hey Mollie.  So. Tell us about yourself?


Not sure if you have read much about me, but I am a single parent after leaving a marriage to a man after seven years when I came out. I am a very strong Christian and I was always so scared to be true to who I was.  I have three kids and am finally comfortable in my own skin, and I know God loves me no matter who I love.  I am a photographer,  editor and work for a production team out of Orlando, Florida.   I am completely happy living this life shame-free of who I am, embracing my androgynous style.  I am single, loving life and can’t wait to see where life leads me.


So wow, three kids, how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m thirty, and I don’t mind.


Get out, I would’ve said twenty-four!  You have an amazing look, I’m sure you’ll smash social media up!


Thanks! I’ve only been back on a few months.  I get tired of social media sometimes and run away from it.  Being a videographer and photographer I have my head on the media world all the time, so it gets overwhelming. I feel I have a voice and I am proud of who I am.  I want others not to be scared to step out and embrace their true selves, and know that it’s never too late for anyone to be happy.


You’re exactly the kind of person we try to promote.  Not image or media for image sake. You seem like you have something to say and stand for.  I feel like you have quite a story to tell. Would love to hear it..


I have twin girls who are almost four and a son almost six.  I left a marriage and started over alone. I am strong and independent and I did it.  Anyone can. I believe God got me here and I am thankful for every bit of love and support everyone gives me.


Amazing.  Coming out can be insanely hard anyway, let alone after having a family.  How did they take it?


I live in Virginia half time when I have my kids split custody with their dad ( month on month off) I commute to work on Orlando Florida for my job where I work with a production company. I came out about three years ago and that was seven years into a marriage. My family is very strong Christians and I am as well and I never wanted to disappoint anyone and I was scared to be gay and my church not accept me. I also as a young teen and adult thought I could never have a family and kids if I loved women.


Ahh, yes.  Religion and anything outside of Adam and Eve is a sin right.  Talk about a heavy load. So what happened?


I became miserable and depressed and someone I didn’t even know when I looked at myself In the mirror.  I split from my kids father a year-ish after the twins were born and my son was about three. I moved into our camper/ rv at a campground to move out because I had nothing  till I could save enough money for a small apartment to move into.


Sounds like you didn’t let it break you though. Re-spect.


I now have a great job, a huge home. And a second home where I work and I’m doing amazing. I struggles to get back in my feet. But I did it.


You should be incredibly proud


I am very happy to be where I am now and I am single and just happier now than I ever was.


Well it’s been amazing to talk to you, Mollie.  Thankyou so much for sharing.


Thanks, and you as well!